Why Looking for a Mortgage Before Looking for a Home Is a Good Idea

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Shopping for a new home is exciting. Considering what your “must-haves” are and thinking about neighbourhoods never feels like a chore. When it comes to buying a home, most people often start searching for a home before mortgage research. But perhaps you should be thinking the other way around. Looking for a mortgage broker to help you prioritize can make …

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Fixed or Variable Mortgage: What Is Better For You?

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Things have changed recently for mortgages and mortgage brokers due to the interest rate increases. It would appear as though the perceived risk of a variable rate mortgage is well worth the reward despite the rate increases. What’s the difference between a variable rate mortgage and a fixed rate mortgage, and how do these rate increases affect a borrower?   …


Do You Know the Difference Between a Mortgage Loan and a Construction Loan?

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Finding the perfect home can be complex. Building a home has its appeal, you’ll get exactly what you want, but there are some major differences between building and buying. The largest difference between buying a home and building from the ground up is the type of financing required. When buying a home, a mortgage broker will help you to get …